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My coeliac disease diagnosis

Since I have been diagnosed with coeliac disease in May 2018, my life changed.


I have been through an intense experience of pain and sufferance due to a difficult diagnosis. The feelings and the images of my hospital stay are still stuck in my mind.


After that, I promised myself I'd never "just eat" again.

When I wake up in the morning, my first thoughts are:

what I am going to cook, where I am going to eat, what I am going to experiment.

This blog is a way to tell and discover my new life.

To encourage people with coeliac disease to break free from the feeling of loneliness.

If I can help myself day by day with new flavours and experiences, I thought I should share my content in order to help everyone on a gluten-free diet.

To tell amazing gluten free stories and create a huge gluten free community!

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