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A story that begins in central Italy...

Traditionally gluten-free from Abruzzo 

When I was diagnosed coeliac I promised myself I would keep cooking and eating

traditional food from my region in central Italy: Abruzzo.

My heritage is what fuels my recipes. 

Our products, made by Azienda Agricola Bucci in Orsogna, Chieti, are the perfect match to every traditional and regional dish I make. 

We want you to have a taste of Abruzzo, naturally free from gluten and for all types of cuisine. 

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The fields

Hand picked in the fields inherited by Ilaria's family, at the foot of the Maiella's mountain, the tomatoes used to make our sauces are selected only in the month of August, to give you the authentic flavour of summer in Abruzzo

​During this month the entire family are dedicated to the traditional process of "Le buttije" which involves tirelessly burning the fields and extracting the sugary nectar of each tomato which you'll find in every jar.

The sauces

Our ready made sauces are made with 100% Italian tomatoes 🍅


​They are vegan and gluten free and suitable for every tomato-based recipe. 

No thickeners, flours or chemicals are added, just pure tomatoes from Abruzzo. 

​Add it to your pasta, make it your pizza topping or cook it with your meatballs or veggie balls. 

​Perfect with fresh gluten-free pasta! 

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Our traditions

When we make fresh pasta we eat it with fresh tomato sauce. 

While keeping true to tradition we want to make our tomato sauces available to everyone

​We only produce our sauces when tomatoes are available in the best season, using secrets passed down from generation to generation. 

Our friendship

Me (The Gluten - Freelancer) and Ilaria, owner of Azienda Agricola Bucci, have been friends since 2004.


​Our friendship is the basis of everything we do. 

​We produce our products as we would for our family and friends, carefully selecting the best produce from every season. 


Coming soon

PH Credits: Mar Campdepadros Martin

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