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Gluten free gnocchi challenge

WE ARE BACK with Yuki!


Can a Japanese make homemade gnocchi, but without gluten? And, can an Italian from Abruzzo, enjoy eating them?


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: Yukiko tries to craft special homemade gnocchi and adds The Gluten-Freelancer tomato sauce made in Abruzzo, Italy.


You can find it here, with other products from my amazing region:

Homemade Udon VS Homemade Sagnette e Ceci 

Can a Japanese cook the perfect regional Italian dish, but without gluten? And, can an Italian from Abruzzo, learn how to make gluten free noodles? The answer is yes. Or maybe, yes.

This video aims to encourage everyone on a Gluten Free diet to try and make fresh gluten free pasta at home. The beauty is not in the shape or in the size of the final product; but in the courage to challenge yourself and have fun, always.

Temari Sushi with Yuki

In this episode of The Gluten Freelancer stories we explored a naturally gluten free dish coming straight from the Japanese tradition: Temari Sushi!


Yukiko Kishimoto is a journalist, producer and foodie who loves to cook and share her knowledge on Japanese cuisine.

Niche: Gluten-free Dining

Niche is London's first completely (and at the time it opened, only) 100% gluten-free restaurant. Their motto is 'gluten-free but you wouldn't know it' because the founders Marc Warde and Adrian Morgan decided early on, that they wanted to be a gluten-free restaurant that is also just a good restaurant with good food!


In this episode of The Gluten Freelancer Stories we had a lovely chat with Marc Warde to talk through his business and his personal story as a celiac.

Mirianna la Grasta: my Chron's disease life 

In this video Mirianna la Grasta tells her story as a person affected by Chron's disease.


She was diagnosed at the age of 18 and since then she is on a gluten free diet, together with a lifestyle which includes sport, activities and, of course, cooking!

The Gluten - Freelancer : In the beginning

In this video Francesca Della Penna, founder of The Gluten - Freelancer, tells the story of this website and all the challenges she is facing as a celiac person in London.


The aim is to gather more stories like hers and create a fantastic gluten free journey.

We are always happy to listen to new stories. Help us expanding our gluten free network!

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