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I am a gluten free food writer and a lover of life. Shaping the future of gluten free storytelling to help celiacs having fun in the kitchen and when eating out.

Tightrope walker on the web of lives and stories to tell. Expert in flights of fancy. Creature in between the investigator and the poet.

I work as a digital content producer, social media specialist and journalist. Food is my passion but I am in love with many other things:

human-interest stories, social media, music and entertainment.

Francesca Della Penna
Founder and Editor
Mirianna La Grasta
Writer and Recipes Creator

Mirianna is a journalist, foodie and recipes creator. She was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the age of 18 and since then she is on a gluten free diet, together with a lifestyle which includes sport, activities and, of course, cooking.

Mirianna loves chocolate and her favourite gluten free recipes include chocolate in every single shape. Meanwhile she creates dessert for every palate, she is also really creative when it comes to gluten free pasta recipes and pre or post training energising dishes.

Curious? Visit the blog to find out more!

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