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Brasserie Zédel, ma belle!

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

What if I tell you that, in the heart of London (at 2 minutes by walk from Piccadilly Circus) there are a Parisienne Brasserie, an American Bar and a Cabaret all in the same place?

Well, it can only feel better knowing that there is also a gluten-free menu available for every taste!

I ended up at Zédel by suggestion: "You won't believe it, they have a fixed price lunch menu in an amazing venue and is also gluten-free!"

Entering at Zédel felt like a hot tub time machine: old-fashioned live music, stunning architecture, a huge Bar where you can browse an amazing wine list...I was in Paris!

But let's talk about food: their menu is long and delicious and besides the gluten-free options, they also have a full vegetarian menu! You have plates straight from the french cuisine (what were you expecting?) and you can have 2 courses or 3 courses respectively for 10.50£ and 13.50£. If you fancy some patisseries it'd be more difficult to have a gf choice, but Crème Brulé would do.

What did I have?

As a starter: grated carrots (Carottes Râpées), deliciously served with a secret sauce where I could spot vinegar and lemon, for sure.

As a main: Steak Hachée with pepper sauce and french fries - tasty and rich!

Do you want to know what was the highlight of my experience at Zédel? THE BREAD!

Wherever I go to eat out, it's always a challenge to find a gluten free bread that doesn't look or taste like the mainstream sliced loaf you can find in supermarkets.

Zédel surprised me serving brown sliced bread with a touch of aniseed that matched perfectly the flavours of my menu! (Butter included, of course).

This place was not born as an exclusive gluten-free restaurant but, it is able to offer something different and unique.

So, if not for the bread (because taste in bread can be difficult) or for the menu (because you don't fancy french food), my last suggestion is to visit Zédel for the spectacular atmosphere you get. And... they do have an amazing café upstairs, where I wouldn't miss a proper espresso either!


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