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Cheese & egg balls - Pallotte cacio e ova

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Do you know "pallotte"? Vegetarian and gluten free flagship of Abruzzo‘s culinary tradition 🧀 they are made with fresh cow cheese, eggs and parsley. Make these veg cheese and egg balls in max 40 minutes.

I can proudly say that my mother raised me with the best of Abruzzo's products and recipes and my mission is to repurpose them with a gluten-free twist. Everyone deserves to experience the taste of Abruzzo, especially coeliacs like me! Ready? Let's make pallotte great again!

Ingredients (for 4/5 people):

- 650 grams of fresh cow cheese

- 4 eggs

- Parsley

The making:

Grate the cow cheese, beat your eggs and mix these two ingredients in a bowl without adding salt. Add some chopped parsley and shape the batter into medium-size balls. Do not make them too big or too small.

Prepare a pot with sunflower oil and warm it up until ready for frying.

Deep the balls in the oil until they are fully covered and wait for them to become golden.

The serving:

You can eat them as they are or follow the tradition and make them swim in a pot of homemade tomato sauce.

I have always promoted my mother's recipe for making the perfect tomato sauce for pastas and pizzas and, guess what? It's the same for these pallotte ! I'll leave it here once again:

Ingredients (for two servings):

- 300 ml of tomato "passata"

- Half of a small red onion, celery & carrots

- Olive oil

- Salt & Sugar

The making:

Put some olive oil in a pan and add half of a small red onion, a small celery stalk and a small carrot in a pan - all chopped, of course. Cook the ingredients on a low heat to make your golden mirepoix.

You can add the tomato sauce to the mirepoix after max 5 minutes and cook it for 30/40 minutes. Add a touch of salt and half tea spoon of sugar to regulate tomato acidity (pro-tip here).

When the sauce is ready, throw your gluten free cheese and eggs balls in the pot and enjoy with some gluten free bread and a glass of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo wine!


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