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Gluten Free Coconut Power Balls

Gluten free coconut power balls... all you need is three ingredients and 30 minutes (to finish them all)!

Whether you're looking for a little something to fuel your day, an afternoon-tea treat or a last-minute dessert for your guests, this recipe has got you covered.

Roll-up your sleeves and get ready to make some coconut power!

Ingredients (30-35 balls):

- 250 grams of fine desiccated coconut

- Some extra coconut frenzy for garnishing 

- 500 grams of Italian ricotta cheese

- 100 grams of icing sugar

The Making:

Whisk the ricotta cheese in a large bowl until creamy and smooth. Then add 100 grams of icing sugar and keep whisking for a couple of minutes.

Add 250 grams of fine desiccated coconut flour and start mixing energetically with a spatula or a spoon to incorporate all three ingredients. This may take a few minutes and you may want to help yourself with your hands, as if you were forming a dough.

  Once everything is well mixed create bite-sized balls by rolling the dough with your hands.

Then roll the balls in a plate of coconut frenzy to garnish them, and place them on a tray.

  Let the balls cool in the fridge for at least 15 minutes before serving.

Tip: You can store your coconut power balls in the fridge for up to two days. Avoid freezing them.


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