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Gin smiles at me

The London Gin Club - 22 Great Chapel Street, Soho, London

Do you remember the last time someone smiled at you? That feeling of "being smiled at" is priceless. First thing in the morning, together with coffee, the smile of a stranger in the street, on the tube, at the shop.

Now, imagine if gin could smile at you in the same way. And imagine you can smile back enjoying one of the most beautiful gin bars in Town!

Living in the UK means also getting passioned about beer and gin, but gluten free beers and gluten free gins are not always available for coeliacs.

I visited The London Gin Club in Soho to try and see if I could have a drink without fearing any consequence and, surprise surprise, I got a smile!

G'VINE NOUAISON 45% garnish: juniper & cinnamon

When it comes to drinks, my gluten free radar goes mad: I never know what I can actually drink! (Except from well known banned products or clear labels).

Having an expert member of the staff talking through the menu is definitely a plus!

I love flowery and fruity gins so, I have been suggested a really good G'VINE NOUAISON 45% garnish: juniper & cinnamon.

But the good news is that this is not the only gluten free gin they have! It's an exciting list and probably I would get lost in the inventory of gins available at The London Gin Club.

I am not a mixologist, nor a liquor critic, but I know that when you suffer of coeliac disease even having a drink out could become an issue.

If you like or are curious about discovering gin powers, I suggest you to check this place out!

Very central, very unique vintage atmosphere and gluten-free-friendly!

What else? Cheers!


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