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Aperidinner gluten-free

Well, it happened. New kitchen, new chapter, new gluten-free food stories to share and new memories to build! What excites me the most about this period of changes is that I am going to share my daily routine with three of my best friends. Guess what? All passionate about food: bingo!

Our first dinner meant bringing some delicatessen to the table, also because, I was lucky enough to have a friend helping me out with the moving. Together with his help, he brought some deli straight from Borough Market (London): to be precise, from Gastronomica and Brindisa.

Let me tell you more about our first aperidinner in the new house:

I know, we went a bit crazy with cheese and meat but, this fresh burrata bio from Masserie Amiche (available at Gastronomica) combined with Spanish Ham Iberico de Bellota (available at Brindisa), my beloved Camembert Le Rustique, a plate of mixed salami and olives... made our evening!

Also, I am not ashamed to say that, we forgot the wine and our last minute call was Tesco down the road. Surprise, surprise: I found a Montepulciano d'Abruzzo produced close to my hometown in Italy, precisely in Ortona, Abruzzi. It worked quite well!

I called this food-story aperidinner because we initially thought it was going to be a quick aperitivo to celebrate the opening of our new house but then... Someone showed up with gluten-free eggs and cheese balls straight from Abruzzo!

Could you say no? No!

Meanwhile sharing these tasty starters the sauce was boiling in the pan, ready to welcome one of the best gluten-free pasta I ever tried. Pasta Garofalo is a really famous Italian brand but I didn't know they had a gluten-free line. Gastronomica have all the types available: safely gluten-free and firm to the bite - word of an Italian!

La Carmela passata (raw tomato sauce) helped cooking up our "palette cace e ove" (egg and cheese balls) sauce. As it is a traditional recipe from Abruzzo, I will soon dedicate an entire post to the making of these tasty gluten-free balls and the sauce.

How did I feel after all?


Stay tuned for the next recipe and follow @theglutenfreelancer adventures on social media!


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