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Pumpkin gnocchi gluten free and vegan

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Halloween is gone again and we are left with tricks (more than treats) and all the leftover pumpkin to cook after carving the decorative and scary soul out of them.

This year we went pumpkin peaking in a gigantic field in Surrey and as a result of the (probably excessive) enthusiasm, we brought home 6 lovely pumpkins for our party.

This recipe for gluten free and vegan pumpkin gnocchi is actually part of a series of recipes invented to hit the "zero-waste kitchen" target for this Halloween 2019. Not sure I'll post more pumpkin recipes in the near future, as I have to wait for the pumpkin overdose to fade away...

In the meantime, let's get to the core of this homemade gluten free and vegan pasta recipe!


For the fresh homemade pasta (roughly 3kg of Gnocchi):

- 1 kg of boiled potatoes

- 670 g of boiled pumpkin pulp.

- 1 kg of gluten free white flour

- A tea spoon of Salt

The making of gnocchi gluten free:

Boil the potatoes with skin in hot water and separately boil the pumpkin pulp. When the potatoes are cooked (you can check it with a stick) peel them and smash them with a fork.

Do the same with the pumpkin pulp after cooling it down (it is important to let the pumpkin pulp cool down as, when hot, it will still release water).

Once ready, put the pumpkin pulp, the potatoes, the salt and the flour all together and start working the dough of your homemade gnocchi.

Remember that the gluten free flour will be challenging to work so have always someone ready to spread flour on your hands meanwhile working the dough.

Create a big ball of dough and leave it to rest for 10 minutes. Then you can start cutting it and shaping it into Gnocchi, like this:

Ingredients for the sauce:

For 4 portions of gnocchi:

- 15 dried tomatoes

- 200 grams of kale

- 60 g of red onion

- Olive oil

The making of the sauce:

Slightly fry the red onions with olive oil and then add the dried tomatoes with a glass of water. Add the kale and wait for the sauce to cook till the sauce is not fully dry.

Cook the gnocchi into boiling water for 3 minutes and add the sauce for the perfect vegan and gluten free feast!

3kg of Gnocchi are too much?

You will need to store all the leftover gnocchi in the freezer. Pack them into freezer bags and when you crave some pumpkin gnocchi, just open a bag and throw them straight into boiling water!


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