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Gluten Free Pizza in a Pan - with Ciclone GHA

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Everyone loves pizza but, sometimes, you just want to try it in a different shape, flavour, version... You also want to be able to cook it in a pan!

That's why we created the ideal recipe and cookware to prepare healthy and delicious gluten free pizza at home. In this video, The Gluten Freelancer in partnership with Le Pentole Della Salute, will fry some pizza using the power of the special lid "Ciclone". It uses the natural rain effect created by the steam to cook every dish in a quick and healthy way!

Ingredients for this gluten-free pizza dough recipe:

- 500 grams of gluten-free flour (I mixed quinoa, rice and corn flour)

- 60 ml of Olive Oil

- 250 cl of Water

- Sea Salt: 1 tablespoon

- Sugar: 1 teaspoon

- Quick yeast: 1 teaspoon and a half


- 300 ml of Tomato Sauce

- Mozzarella Cheese (to cut in the quantity you prefer)

- Wild Rocket

- Black Olives

- Parma Ham

The making:

To prepare the dough melt the quick yeast in warm water (125cl) and slowly add the gluten-free flour to it. Then, add 1 teaspoon of sugar and the rest of the water (125cl). Finally, add 60ml of olive oil and the salt to the dough. Wait at least 2 hours for it to rise.

After the dough rises completely, start rolling the pizza to give it the shape you want: firstly on the table (after sprinkling it with flour) and after directly in the pan.

Remember to oil the pan before working the dough inside it and cook it. GHA pots and pans need to be oiled as they are not non-stick pans, but the advantage of using them is that they are non toxic pans made with an antibacterial material.

The special lid: Ciclone

The secret for a healthy homemade pizza? Ciclone lid made with the special GHA treatment with silver ions. This special lid prevents dehydration and overheating of foods during cooking. But, if you use it in its "oven version" by unscrewing the knob with the small disc and tightening it the other way, the Ciclone transforms pots or pans into an oven, to cook exquisite pizzas or delicious sweets. Ciclone is literally two lids in one: watch the drops! Moreover, with Ciclone you save time and energy, compared to the electric oven!

Put the dough in the pan and cover it with Ciclone. Wait 3 minutes and add the tomato sauce, then cover the pizza again with the lid. Wait for other 3 minutes and add the mozzarella cheese. Everything should be ready in 5 minutes from adding the cheese.

You know is good when lifting the gluten free pan-pizza from the pan it goes straight to the plate, ready for the toppings you love!



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