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Chickpea Fusilli & Creamy Mushrooms

My love for pasta is not a mystery but, plant based protein pasta is indeed a complete new world to explore for me. I bumped into Ugo Thrive chickpea fusilli and I couldn't resist. I felt the need of testing the al dente skills of this fresh pasta... let me tell you how it went!

3 minutes are definitely enough to cook fresh chickpea fusilli, but what would be the perfect sauce for it? Quick and easy: creamy mushrooms with onion's mirepoix.

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

- 250 grams of mushrooms

- half of a onion

- olive oil, salt & pepper

The making:

Cut the onions for the mirepoix and cook them at low heat in a large pan with just olive oil.

When the onions become golden, add the cut mushrooms into the pan and 1 glass of water. In the meantime add salt and pepper and let it cook until the water dries.

In a separate pan (when the mushrooms are finally cooked) boil hot water and cook the chickpea fusilli for just 2 minutes (not more than that!).

When the pasta is ready, throw the fusilli in the large pan with the mushrooms. Save some boiling water from the pasta and add it to the large pan together with the Philadelphia light cheese.

Mix everything at low heat for 1-2 minutes and serve with some pepper on top:

You will be surprised by the texture of this pasta: it definitely feels like classic pasta, but with the advantage of being suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs!


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