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Fish fished me

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Honestly? Before being diagnosed coeliac I couldn't even smell fish from the distance! Since it became part of my diet, I started inventing fish-based recipes and I actually enjoy it a lot.

I thought it was easier to cook, but it takes a while to understand how fish behaves with different flavours and dressings. Time will teach me more, I am sure!

I decided to celebrate my marriage with fish sharing a perfect dinner recipe for two:

from starters till dessert.

The starter

Tuna tartare:

What do you need?

- 240 grams of fresh tuna steaks

- 1 papaya

- 1 cucumber

- salt, pepper

Chop all the ingredients in a glass bowl and use just half of the cucumber and half of the papaya. Add salt & pepper as you like when mixing. Shape it with a glass and, to serve it, add gluten-free Super seeded Oatcakes by Nairn's on top of it.

The main course...s

Plaice, Haddock & Fantasy

When you start eating fish, you want to try all the types. For the main, I thought two would be better than one. Also, I experimented a mix of citric and sweet flavour.

What do you need?

- 2 plaice fillets (370 grams)

- 2 haddock fillets (400 grams)

- radish

- chives

- garlic

- green salad or rocket salad

- orange

- salt, pepper, olive oil

Firstly, I pre-heated the oven at a temperature of 150°. Then, I prepared the fish in a baking tray with salt, pepper, chives, garlic, radish and olive oil. I added the sauce of half an orange to it and I put everything in the oven at the temperature of 200°. Based on the weight of the fish, in this case, it would take 30 minutes circa for cooking the plaice and haddock fillets.

What I suggest, though, is to check on the fish in the oven constantly - it might need a bit of water from time to time, but do not exaggerate! (Use a tea spoon to nurture it when cooking).

Serving is the moment I enjoy the most: I played with the ingredients that were already used to cook it and I added a bit of green salad and raw radish to complete the recipe.

Dessert anyone?

At the end, I wanted to be a bit french and I used one of my favourite cheeses to create a simple but effective closure to my dinner.

Camembert Le Rustique is good by itself, with cold cuts but, with black-current conserve by Bonne Maman , it is sublime!

You just need to warm up a good slice of camembert in the oven (you can do it when it's still warm after cooking the fish) for 5 minutes.

Then serve it with conserve, oatcakes and a leaf of mint.

If you liked how fish completely fished me into creativity and relishes follow @theglutenfreelancer on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more fishy news!


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