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Pizza Aurocorallina

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

What could I miss the most, after bread? Pizza, of course! And what is the best way to experiment a gluten-free pizza if not with the help of your best friend?

I spent a rainy Saturday night making gluten-free pizza and I could use the hands of Eleonora to roll the dough and create our: Pizza Aurocorallina. We named it after the topping: Auricchio cheese and Corallina salami from Salumificio Sorrentino (Abruzzo, Italy).

Do you want to know how we made it? Here a time-lapse of the making:

What you need for this gluten-free pizza recipe (3 servings):

- 500 grams of gluten-free flour (I personally used Doves Farm Gluten Free Rice Flour)

- 60 ml of Olive Oil (2 ounces of oil circa)

- 300 cl of Water (105 ounces circa)

- Sea Salt (1 tablespoon)

- Sugar (1 teaspoon)

- Quick yeast - 1 teaspoon and a half (I personally used Dove Farm Quick Yeast)

- 300 ml of Tomato Sauce (I personally used Passata Cirio)

- Auricchio Cheese (to cut in the quantity you prefer)

- Corallina Salami (to cut in the quantity you prefer)

- Oregano

The making:

To prepare the dough I melted the quick yeast in warm water and I slowly added the gluten-free flour to it. Then, I added 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of xanthin gum (for the crunchy crust). Finally, I added 60ml of olive oil to the dough and I waited 2 hours for it to rise.

Note that the flour can become really sticky and you need to keep adding all the flour slowly to be able to knead the dough. I also find useful to fling the pizza dough on the table till it becomes homogenous.

Once the dough rose double the size, I added 1 teaspoon of salt to it, I put flour on the table and

I divided the initial quantity into 3 different loafs (in order to roll 3 pizzas). I waited for them to rise (30 minutes circa) and in the meantime I pre-heated the oven at a temperature of 220ºC.

Once the 3 loafs rose, I started rolling them into 3 pizzas, with the help of my friend Eleonora.

We firstly rolled on the table, after sprinkling it with flour. Then, we put them on oiled baking paper for a final rolling.

The topping:

The final part consisted in putting the Cirio tomato sauce on top of the three pizza dough, together with Auricchio Cheese and Corallina Salami.

After that, we put the 3 pizzas in the oven for 20 mins circa at a temperature of 220ºC for the first 10 minutes and 240ºC for the rest of the time.

We put olive oil on top as soon as they were out of the oven and ready for dinner!

The result:

It was crunchy, but, overall, a good first experiment for an homemade gluten-free pizza!

Pizza Aurocorallina


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