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Weekend in Ciabatte

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

All weekend in slippers: the ultimate November activity!

Slippers, in Italian, is translated with "ciabatte" but this word also indicates a specific kind of bread.

So, I decided to spend my weekend in ciabatte and make an experiment with Dove Gluten Free Brown Bread flour. Previously, I posted an article talking about my love story with bread.

Today, I have taken it to the next level and I am proud to present my first ciabatta bread:

Ciabatte Gluten Free made with Brown Flour

What you need to bake 8 ciabatte like these:

- 1kg of gluten-free flour

- 10.5 pints of water (or 500 centilitres)

- 1 & ½ tea spoon of gluten free yeast

- 1 tea spoon of gluten-free xanthin gum

- Salt (as you please)

The making:

Put a spoon and ½ of gluten free yeast in the bowl containing 500 centilitres of water and stir it till it melts. Then, slowly add the flour to it, till the dough becomes easy to knead. Add a tea spoon of gluten-free xanthin gum and keep kneading. You can shape it as a sphere and leave it rising till it becomes double of the size (this process can happen in 20 or 30 minutes).

Pre-heat the oven temperature around 200°C.

Then, take the dough and shape it in the form of ciabatta: the number of small dough you can do depends on the consistency of the dough. I tried with 8!

Wait for the ciabatte to rise double the size again and add salt. Then finally put them in the oven, using a tray or on the grid. Remember to oil the baking paper under where your dough is going to cook! Cook it at the temperature of 230 °C for the first 30 minutes and then increase the temperature till 250°C in the last 15 minutes.

When you start seeing a golden-brown crust, check with a toothpick if the inside of the bread is still wet. I personally sacrificed one ciabatta for the cause, cutting it and checking on the inside! I think it was worth the pain ;)

Here a time-lapse of the making:


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